Bicycle Incidents

Rolling strong — bicycle advocates and bicycle advocacy

What do you get when you combine winning trial experience with partners committed to car-free living and bicycle culture (the Coopers) along with an Olympian, national champion, and bicycle-specific injury law pioneer (Bob)?

The best possible representation to help you with your bicycle collision. Lots of lawyers who hold themselves out as bicycle lawyers these days. Have they had to make split-second decisions on a bicycle work commute when drivers violate cyclists’ rights, or are they too part of the windshield world? Do they understand the differences between the vehicular cycling approach and the more recent Eight to Eighty model? Do they know what a .tcx file is and why it might be important?Are they involved in bicycle advocacy at the local, state, and national level?

We understand the nuances. We not only advocate for our clients, we participate in the League of American Bicyclist’s national summit, CalBike’s advocacy day in Sacramento, and speak up at City Hall, among other advocacy work. We believe our practice should go beyond client representation. We need to improve safety and opportunities for those who choose active transportation instead of cars. And as you can see from the photos, you’ll find us out on the streets with you – commuting, taking our children to school, and adventuring.

With two decades’ experience, we highlight a few of our results below. If you have questions about your incident and how we can help you, call us now at (415) 434-2111 or Contact us.

Case Type: Personal injury / Bicycle accident / Auto
Case Title: The Doe Family v. Jane Roe
Case Description: Bicyclist struck from behind by distracted driver
Result: Confidential settlement

John Doe was riding a recumbent bicycle during a cross-country bicycle trip. He was outside of Spokane, Washington, on a two-lane rural highway, riding with another individual. They were riding side by side when a van approached from behind. They went single-file for the van to pass. Jane Roe was driving a car in the same direction on the rural highway. Her child, who was in a car seat in the back, was fussy due to dropping his sippy cup. Roe reached back to grab it and hand it to him, taking her eyes off the road. As John Doe started to move back into side-by-side riding, he was struck and killed by Jane Roe’s car. John Doe was a father who for the last 10 years had raised his son by himself. His son was 16 years old at the time his father was killed.

John Doe argued that Jane Roe was a distracted driver and her distraction caused Doe’s death. Roe argued that Doe went back into the roadway when it was unsafe to do so and that the physical evidence, including scratches in the pavement, put Doe four feet into the road when the impact occurred.

Case Type: Personal injury / Bicycle accident
Case Title: Bill Bicyclist v. Buick Driver
Case Description: Bicyclist doored while riding along city street
Result: $350,000 settlement

Bill Bicyclist, in his early twenties, was riding his bike. A Buick driver who had parallel parked along the street failed to notice Bicyclist. The Buick driver opened his driver’s door directly in front of Bicyclist. Bicyclist hit the partially open door, which speared Bicyclist’s chest. Bicyclist suffered a sucking wound that required surgical repair and a week of hospitalization. Bicyclist was left with a substantial scar on his chest but was otherwise expected to make a full recovery.