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How we help

Helping You

Coopers LLP helps the seriously injured, people grieving the loss of loved ones, preventable disaster victims, and all bicyclists. We lift the worry, stress, and concern off your shoulders to allow you to focus on the physical and emotional recovery. We take on all aspects of the claims process, including all paperwork, litigation, settlement negotiations, and when necessary, trial. We do not relent without obtaining justice for you.

The Cooper Proven Process


90-minute meeting:

Our free initial session allows us to gather information and provide feedback. Sometimes we can solve the problem or identify a direction that does not involve us in the initial session. We provide a road map, discuss expectations and next steps, and plan the case strategy.

Evidence gathering:

Collision reports. Witness statements. Photographs. Medical records and bills. Wage loss. Damage to your life and livelihood. Insurance policy limits. There’s a lot of information that needs to be gathered from a multitude of sources. We do that for you, with as little of your involvement as possible. You focus on healing; we focus on details.

Pre-lawsuit settlement efforts:

Once the evidence is gathered, it is put together in logical order along with a narrative that explains what happened, why the opposition is responsible for the damage, and what those damages are. This material is called a demand package. We negotiate with the insurance company and keep you updated. If they reach a number that is acceptable to you, the case resolves. Many cases settle in pre-litigation.


If a case does not resolve, we proceed into litigation. This formal process gives us the right to demand documents, demand answers to questions, the subpoena power, and question witnesses through processes known as depositions. The opposition has the same opportunity. We keep you informed through this process as we prepare the case for trial or arbitration.

Resolution or trial/arbitration:

Ninety-eight percent of cases resolve without going to trial or arbitration. The best way to resolve them? Demonstrate that we’re ready for trial or arbitration. Litigation cases typically go through a formal facilitated negotiation process known as a mediation, conducted by a neutral retired judge or lawyer. If the matter does not settle, we put the evidence before a factfinder like a jury or arbitrator using our persuasive powers, and the factfinder makes the decision.

Our Guarantees

You’ll get more with us

Even if you’ve already received an offer from an insurance company, we guarantee you will get more money by retaining our firm or we won’t charge a fee.

No fee unless we win

We do not charge by the hour, nor do we charge any up-front fees. Our fees are a percentage of the case’s outcome, known as a contingency fee.

Does our approach resonate with you? Do you have an issue you want to discuss? Call us now at (415) 434-2111 or contact us for a free initial consultation. Peace of mind is a phone call away.