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California Wildfire Attorneys

Helping you recover and rebuild from devastation

Life as you know it has been permanently changed. Your home, your livelihood, your environment, your business – destroyed. Unfortunately, this story is all too common. Utility companies, focused on profits over safety, put money into executives’ and shareholders pockets rather than perform the necessary planning, maintenance, and tree trimming. Beyond utility company failures, fires can sometimes be the responsibility of others’ careless activities.

Regardless of the cause, the consequences are devastating. Property insurance does not cover the full extent of harms suffered by the individuals and businesses impacted by fires. To be properly compensated, you need skilled advocates fighting for you. Lawyers experienced in the complex landscape of wildfire litigation. Lawyers like us.

Let us help you get peace of mind by answering questions now about your rights. Call us at (415) 434-2111 or Contact us.

Helping you rebuild your life.