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Personal Injury Lawyer San Francisco

Miles B. Cooper


phone: (415) 434-2111

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Compassion combined with trial experience, strategy, risk assessment, passionate communication, growth, relentless pursuit, and community involvement. These tools live at the top of Miles’s toolbox. How do they help solve problems?

Compassion: By embracing those who come to the firm for help, Miles takes uncertainty’s stress off their shoulders. This begins by listening to their concerns, educating them about the process, taking control of the situation, and thus allowing them to focus on their healing. Miles understands uncertainty’s anxiety-provoking nature through life experience. When the Coopers’ daughter was just shy of her third birthday, doctors found a rare lung cancer. The family spent her third birthday and several weeks thereafter in the pediatric ICU, a 24-hour fishbowl of poking, prodding, beeps, and whirs. Surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and feeding tubes – a year’s worth of medical adventures followed. Thankfully, she survived and thrives. This personal struggle through trauma, risk, uncertainty, reliance on medical professionals’ input, challenge, and ultimately success informs the Coopers’ compassionate approach with clients.

Trial experience: If compassion is the alpha, trial experience is the lawyer’s omega. Trial skills are becoming a dying art though, with 98% of civil cases settling. Miles sought out trials, building his skills and reputation early on. As a result, at age 39 he was admitted to the American Board of Trial Advocates, an invitation-only organization that admits trial lawyers based on their trial skills, ethics, and civility. Other lawyers who have not had the opportunity to be in trial regularly ask he and the team to take over cases shortly before trial.

The firm will do everything in its power to affect a great settlement. While the firm loves trial, trials carry higher risk and stress for clients. The team achieves great settlements by demonstrating trial readiness. If the other side does not step up, Miles and the team pour every available resource into winning through trial.

Strategy: Every situation has moving parts, frequently multi-layered and complex. Using decades of experience and a team case strategy session, Miles, Maryanne, and the team develop a targeted case plan. The plan provides a road map to victory while regular case meetings provide opportunities to counter any shifts in the other side’s tactics. Through creativity, the team shuns blunt litigation trauma unless absolutely necessary, instead finding nimble ways to resolution.

Risk assessment: Balancing settlement versus trial requires detailed risk assessment. Risk assessment is a 360-degree operation uniquely tailored to an individual client’s risk tolerance. Some people are compelled to tell their story to a jury, others prefer to accept a settlement to avoid the stomach-churning uncertainty of having strangers decide their fate. Miles and the team provide the tools and information for clients to fully assess risk and help them make the right decisions for themselves. Sometimes that’s trial. Sometimes not.

Passionate communication: As a writer, speaker, and communicator, Miles absorbs information, distills it, and presents it persuasively to decisionmakers. The communication style he employs – simple, straightforward, and heartfelt – is the same winning method used by the team to help others comprehend the full extent of harm people have suffered. He shares this approach with others in the legal community through his legal practice column, Back Story, which has educated and entertained Plaintiff magazine’s readers monthly for over 10 years.

Growth: The world is a dynamic environment, and life is learning and expansion. Miles embraces this, using every opportunity to expand skills, knowledge, and awareness. That quest extends to the rest of the team. Miles and Maryanne make sure everyone at Coopers LLP are constantly challenged, constantly growing, and constantly learning. This translates into the best possible team deploying creative and effective methods to win for the firm’s clients.

Relentless pursuit: Miles’s compassion for those suffering hardship because of others’ thoughtless acts drives his relentless pursuit of wrongdoers. Every angle gets considered, every step gets taken, every path gets pursued. The relentless drive for justice does not stop until the team achieves the best possible result.

Community involvement: For the world to improve, people must do their part. Miles makes his contributions through legal aid volunteer work, active transportation advocacy, and reducing his footprint. Miles has been a regular legal aid clinic and Project Homeless Connect volunteer with the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Justice and Diversity Center since 2007. He advocates for improved bicycle, pedestrian, and transit safety and access, transportation methods known as active transportation. He believes physical health, emotional health, environmental health, and quality of life improves as we become less car dependent. To that extent, he and Maryanne live car-free with their two children, relying primarily on a cargo bike for shopping and transportation.

University of San Francisco School of Law
San Francisco, California, J.D., 2000
Academic Distinction:

  • American Jurisprudence Award, Maritime Insurance, 1999

University of California Berkeley
Berkeley, California, B.A., 1995

  • California, 2000
  • U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 2000
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, 2000
  • U.S. District Court, Central District of California, 2008
  • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California, 2012
  • Washington, 2022
  • Oregon, 2022
  • American Board of Trial Advocates
  • American Association for Justice
  • American Bar Association
  • Consumer Attorneys of California, Board of Directors, 2009-2013; Board of Governors, 2005, 2008-2013
  • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
  • Bar Association of San Francisco
  • San Francisco Trial Lawyers’ Association
  • King County Bar Association
  • San Francisco Trial Lawyers’ Association
    Trial Lawyer of the Year Finalist, 2020
  • Peer Review Rated “AV Preeminent” 5.0 of 5.0
    For Ethical Standards and Legal Ability by Martindale-Hubbell.
  • Bar Association of San Francisco’s Volunteer Legal Services Program
    Outstanding Volunteer in Public Service Award, 2007-2019
  • The National Trial Lawyers
    Top 100 Trial Lawyers in California, 2011-present
  • California Super Lawyers magazine
    “Super Lawyer” in personal injury litigation, 2013-present
  • Consumer Attorneys of California
    Consumer Attorney of the Year Finalist, 2010
  • The National Trial Lawyers
    Top 40 under 40, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Northern California Super Lawyers Magazine
    Rising Star, 2009, 2010
  • League of American Bicyclists
  • California Bicycle Coalition
  • San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
  • Walk San Francisco
  • Bike East Bay
  • Silicon Valley Bicycle Association
  • Marin County Bicycle Coalition
  • Bar Association of San Francisco’s Justice and Diversity Center Legal Services Program
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