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San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

Maryanne B. Cooper

Shareholder and Managing Partner

phone: (415) 434-2111

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Maryanne’s unique combination of strategic planner, information seeker, focused motivator, velvet-knuckled negotiator, and equity commitment defines how she and her team approach cases. As a life-long advocate for those harmed by the thoughtless acts of others, she uses her decades of experience and wisdom to solve some of the toughest problems. In doing so, she employs clutch skills honed through thousands of engagements. Her top talents?

Strategic planner: Maryanne spends significant time weighing alternative paths and determining the best route forward. This analysis includes anticipating different scenarios, modeling them, and course-correcting to avoid pitfalls. She applies this diligence to every situation, decision, or choice Maryanne and her team make.

Information seeker: Strategic decisions cannot be made in a vacuum. To make the best choices, Maryanne gathers and stores information. This includes investigating, researching, reading, and collaborating to harvest all potential data before synthesizing the evidence and then calling shots.

Focused motivator: In a distraction-laden world, Maryanne’s prioritization techniques are paramount to her effectiveness. She sets targets, tracks progress, and maintains contact to reach the objective. Maryanne applies this focus to her activities as well as her team’s. She finds inspiration in the future and what could be rather than wallowing in the sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges faced by her clients. In doing so, Maryanne motivates herself and her team to the highest possible performance standards. She creates a winning culture and thus secures the best potential outcome for her clients.

Velvet-knuckled negotiator: Everything in life is a negotiation, with this being particularly true in high-stakes litigation. After gathering information and planning the strategy, Maryanne holds the line in negotiations. No effort gets spared until the other side has produced every last concession and every last dollar possible. Maryanne approaches negotiations in her tough yet approachable style, recognizing the best deals get struck through respect rather than rancor.

Equity: As a firm owner and prominent lawyer in a legal community that was not always welcoming, Maryanne works to upend the status quo. The relentless pursuit for justice for those harmed by others has strong equity corollaries. Despite decades of effort to change the status quo, one cannot deny the legal practice’s domination by entitled interests. Maryanne relies on her powerful sense of right and wrong to call it as she sees it. She and the firm are committed to creating opportunities for the underrepresented.

Admissions: Maryanne is admitted to practice in California and Washington.

If you’d like to get answers and peace of mind, call us at (415) 434-2111 or Contact us to schedule a conversation with Maryanne.