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personal injury attorney Ian tate

Ian Tate

Case Manager, Records Manager

phone: (415) 434-2111

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Ian Tate was born in central Virginia and spent his formative years living in the San Francisco Bay area, where he experienced and embraced the diversity of cultures in which he lived, learned, and worked. As a high schooler, he knew he wanted a career that would have a positive impact on others, whether in politics, education, or law. He studied at Pennsylvania State University, where he earned dual degrees in Anthropology and Philosophy. He plans to attend law school in the coming years.

In his role, Ian works with the outcome in mind, using his natural curiosity to anticipate questions and concerns clients and contacts may have. He enjoys getting to know people and building relationships, skills he uses daily when talking with hospital, emergency and police personnel, as well as business and government organizations.

Ian is an alternative music aficionado. He attended his first concert at age six (6) and saw nearly 50 bands before graduating high school. He may even have a token or two from major alternative rock bands. While his music tastes have shifted, Ian enjoys finding new music, attending live events, snowboarding, and hanging out with his dogs, Theo and Murphy.