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Andrea Posey’s mission is clear: to secure maximum compensation for the physical and emotional toll her clients endure due to the negligence of others.

Andrea has dedicated more than twelve years of her professional life to helping individuals navigate the aftermath of life-changing personal injuries, focusing on cases dealing with auto crashes, bicycle crashes, and dog bites. She has also fought for justice in complex fraud cases, including one representing vulnerable elderly victims. Her tenacity resulted in a $7.2 million trial judgment and a published decision (Butler v. LeBouef, 2016, 248 Cal.App.4th 198).

Born and raised on the central coast of California, Andrea obtained her B.A. from the University of California at Santa Barbara and pursued her J.D. at the Santa Barbara College of Law, graduating in 2011. Her journey into the legal world was marked by a pivotal internship with the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office during law school, sparking her passion for justice.

For Andrea, every client has a story, and her priority is to listen, ensuring a deep understanding of their needs. In the challenging realm of personal injury litigation, she not only aggressively litigates cases but also provides constant feedback, recommendations, and updates to her clients. Her tireless efforts go beyond legal representation; she strives to secure the best medical treatment and maximum compensation for her clients, acknowledging the impact on their lives.

The driving force behind Andrea’s commitment to justice can be traced back to her early experiences. Volunteering for the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office during law school exposed her to felony prosecutions, laying the foundation for her pursuit of justice.

Personal tragedy further fueled Andrea’s dedication. Her cousin, like a brother to her, lost his life in a motorcycle accident caused by a distracted driver. Despite many challenges, Andrea successfully handled the case, securing justice for her aunt, who had lost her only child. This deeply personal experience emphasized the importance of recognizing and recovering what individuals have lost due to injuries: health, enjoyment of life, and more.

In Andrea’s own words, justice in personal injury cases isn’t about punishment; it’s about full recognition and recovery. Clients approach her at their most vulnerable, seeking an advocate to protect their rights as they concentrate on healing. Andrea primarily handles wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases, achieving notable success, including a $1.1 million verdict plus punitive damages in San Mateo County and a $10 million judgment in Alameda County for a pitbull attack.

For Andrea, the relentless pursuit of justice is more than a profession — it’s a calling to help people rebuild their lives after facing profound challenges.

For over 15 years, Kimberly Wong, a partner at Coopers LLP and a former trial team leader at a prominent plaintiff’s firm in San Francisco, has fought for justice in catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases. Her journey is marked by dedication, strategic brilliance, and an unwavering commitment to those whose lives have been altered by the negligence of others.

A mentor shared that the secret to Kimberly’s success in securing favorable resolutions is her meticulous case preparation. Her track record of achieving numerous seven-figure settlements attests to her ability to work up a case thoroughly. Setting high expectations, anticipating challenges, and crafting a strategic plan are her keys to getting results.

Known for her client-centered approach, Kimberly ensures clients receive quality legal representation and just compensation. Described as a tireless, honest, and compassionate advocate, she stands by her clients through every step of the litigation process. Her poise as a litigator is a testament to her many years of experience focused on complex catastrophic injury cases.

Kimberly’s journey wasn’t an obvious choice. She studied psychology at Tufts, graduating magna cum laude. Her interest in plaintiff’s work ignited during law school, where she completed two judicial externships and three legal internships. These experiences fueled her passion for assisting those navigating the legal landscape without representation, setting the stage for her career: seeking justice for those harmed by the actions of others.

Beyond individual achievements, Kimberly holds leadership roles within the Consumer Attorneys of California, actively contributing to shaping the legal landscape. Invited by bar associations, she shares insights with fellow plaintiff lawyers, and her written contributions in attorney magazines solidify her standing as a thought leader. She strongly believes in supporting other women trial lawyers and advocates for increased diversity in the legal profession.

A third-generation San Franciscan, Kimberly’s roots run deep in the city she calls home. After a brief stint away for college, she returned for law school, driven by a profound connection to the city. Outside the courtroom, she finds joy in family, friends, and exploring new places.

Personal tragedy has given Kimberly a deeper perspective on her clients’ plights and the ability to connect with them in more meaningful ways. After the sudden loss of her husband, she understands the profound impact of loss her clients feel.

Kimberly’s journey is one of resilience, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of justice. As she faces the challenges of being a minority woman lawyer and as an advocate for change, she has these words: “Underestimate me at your own risk. Because ultimately, I’m successful because I’m often the most prepared person in the room.”

Four years ago, seasoned paralegal and pre-litigation manager Hendrick White undertook a monumental task: succeed in law school while working full time and being a dedicated father and husband.

Keep the grades high enough to maintain a scholarship, manage a department that produced record-setting numbers, and do it while Zooming into COVID-closed classes with a toddler underfoot. Relentless? Committed? Hell yeah. And it paid off. We’re thrilled to report Hendrick passed the California bar on his first attempt and has joined our ranks as a licensed attorney after being sworn in on December 5.

Hendrick is one of several Coopers mustangs: lawyers who served for years in staff positions before taking the plunge, and who exhibit holistic knowledge and collaborative know-how from their experiences coming up through the ranks.

We’re excited to see what comes next, Hendrick!


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